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Emerging Leader Mindset Development

Have you ever noticed the individual contributors who hold informal leadership roles due to their extraordinary success? Some colleagues want to be like them or associated with them, and executives wish to understand what makes them tick to recreate it in others. These successful employees often advance into leadership roles with little to no training because they are deemed highly competent.

Effective leadership skills are rarely the same as those that launch an individual to success. These leaders need help, and as a group of high-performing individuals, they likely won't ask for it.

If you don't have an Emerging Leader program, you need one.  

Mental Skills and Mindset Coaching

Our new Mental Fitness and Mindset Matters program works with leaders and athletes of all levels to build their mental skills because life and sports are as much a mental game as a physical one. It is a personalized program designed to uncover roadblocks, tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges, and build positive habits intended to assist on game day, in the boardroom, and all realms of life.

This program is available individually or in teams and can be added to any corporate training package. See course info for more details.

Executive Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Personally and professionally, we all have behaviors that prevent us from being our best. What are your hurdles? 

Coaching is a tool that allows you to develop solutions to foster long-lasting change through a professionally guided program. Coaching can help you understand how others see you and create deeper self-awareness. It is an action-oriented program custom designed for whatever forward looks like to you. You will establish your objectives and work through roadblocks by identifying your strengths and core values. You can build a toolkit of best practices and create new habits to help you balance and manage stress. 

Leadership is a never-ending learning opportunity, and together we will explore what path you want to take rather than staying on the road you happen to be on. 

I provide coaching built from the foundation of my own experience. I started in the file room and grew my leadership skills into the c-suite, but not without some twists and turns along the way.

Leadership Programs

Whether it's a one-hour program focused on one thing your team needs right now or an ongoing leadership team overhaul, we customize leadership development programs that enable teams to perform at their best while growing trust and collaboration.

Here's what we encounter the most:

  • Managing Energy

  • Self-Awareness

  • Delegation

  • Communication

  • Boundaries

  • Adaptability

  • Connection

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Confidence

  • Mindset and Mental Fitness

Management Training

Managers are the conduit to your employee base.

  • Do you have a pipeline to develop new talent?

  • Can your new managers transition from high-performing individual contributors to leading a team?

  • Are some managers fixated on tradition or in need of updated habits?

  • Have a few superstar leaders but need help transferring that success and skillset to others?

Our three-phase management training series focuses on each level of management to ensure the right leaders are in the right roles and doing the right things. Most importantly, it starts developing skills BEFORE managers lead their first teams. Customized programs help leaders engage, find time for critical thinking, understand their influence, and communicate effectively, all while executing corporate strategy.  Leadership Coaching can be added to any training package and is available separately.


Do you recognize you have a problem but are unsure of what it is?  Atlas Gray is here to:

  1. Identify the problem

  2. Set a plan for how to solve the problem(s)

  3. Catalyze the implementation of a successful path forward

The business world is changing faster than ever, and if you aren't moving forward, there's a good chance you are losing momentum. What forward looks like for you may differ from your competitors, but what's most important is doing something, not nothing.  That's where Atlas Gray comes in. We'll outline ideas you can use to transition into a fully executable plan on your own or with our help.

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