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Emerging Leader Mindset Program





About the Course

Our Emerging Leader Mindset program works with leaders to understand and develop their strengths, design communication routines, and expand self-awareness. It uses the foundation of our Leader Mindset and Mental Fitness program to establish good working habits and uncover roadblocks. It also incorporates Executive Coaching to understand how others see the emerging leader and their impact on the team and organization.

Effective leadership skills are rarely the same as those that launch an individual to success. These leaders need help, and as a group of high-performing individuals, they likely won't ask for it.

This program is customizable for organizations and can be run in groups or 1:1. It is available stand-alone or in combination with Executive Coaching.

Who is this course for?

  • New leaders/managers

  • Individual contributors who hold informal leadership roles

  • Employees on a path toward future leadership positions.

Your Instructor

Lisa Pickard

Lisa Pickard

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have 30 years of experience in the insurance and consulting industry and have enjoyed every role, from the file room to the C-suite. I've worked for industry leaders Gen Re and Arch Capital Group, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer with Arch Reinsurance. This experience has given me a unique perspective with real-world knowledge steeped in leadership, corporate strategy, management training, and employee development.

I've taken those skills and developed programs for leaders and athletes to uncover behaviors that prevent us from being our best. I help tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges while increasing adaptability and self-awareness. Mental fitness should be an everyday activity. Let's start today!

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