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Leader Mindset and Mental Fitness





About the Course

The Leader Mindset and Mental Fitness coaching program is a program that works with your strengths and values and focuses first on leading yourself and then others. It uses real-life and real-time scenarios and builds habits to keep you on a path to long-term success. This coaching program is the culmination of 30 years of information I wish I had gained earlier on my leadership journey. It is a passion of mine to share it with others.

Effective leadership skills are rarely the same as those that launch an individual to success. It's time we train leaders to improve work environments for all.

Here are some topics the course covers, with exercises to reinforce and reflect on the concepts (workbook provided).

Leading You:

Leading Others:


Relationship and Trust Building


Communication Routine




Engagement (In Tough Times & Over Time)


Leading through Conflict

Mistakes and Failure

Creating Psychological Safety

Course Format:

  1. This course can be taken 1:1 with a coach. It includes (10) one-hour sessions and a self-awareness assessment with colleague feedback.

  2. Corporate group sessions are also available. The program is a full-day session with (1) 60-minute individual coaching session per person scheduled at a mutually convenient time. Additional coaching is available for purchase.

Who is this course for?

  • Any Leader or Manager

  • Anyone who wants to improve self-awareness, mindset, and build better habits by gaining new perspectives.

Your Instructor

Lisa Pickard

Lisa Pickard

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have 30 years of experience in the insurance and consulting industry and have enjoyed every role, from the file room to the C-suite. I've worked for industry leaders Gen Re and Arch Capital Group, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer with Arch Reinsurance. This experience has given me a unique perspective with real-world knowledge steeped in leadership, corporate strategy, management training, and employee development.

I've taken those skills and developed programs for leaders and athletes to uncover behaviors that prevent us from being our best. I help tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges while increasing adaptability and self-awareness. Mental fitness should be an everyday activity. Let's start today!

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