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Making lemonade

It was a week, but reflecting on a few of the many things that kept life interesting the past 168 hours, so many of the challenges also put a smile on my face:

  • A technical* issue with my blog provider earlier this week... led to me figuring out how to improve the settings and customization in my blog and automated emails. I'm my IT department!

  • A package stuck in German customs... as much as I wanted to stick my head in the sand and still have it magically appear, recent EU shipping changes wouldn't let that happen. Thanks to research, patience (not my specialty), and tracking down the correct info, it is finally on its merry way.

  • A call from a kid at college with a potentially broken (and very ugly-looking) finger... I knew we packed that first aid kit for school for a reason! Even though they still call for help (and I hope always will), watching our babies get through hard things on their own makes my heart swell with pride that they (and I) will, indeed, be ok.

The challenges are what we make of them.

Have a wonderful weekend!

*their word - I would have gone with something much more colorful


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