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Foggy Friday Fun Facts

Happy Friday! It's gray and rainy here in Northern CA, and it feels like a good time to share a little about me while I decide how to be productive today.

  1. I drink tea. Lots of tea*. Like research study quantities of tea. Hot and iced.

  2. I left a successful corporate career of nearly 30 years to find my happy fit.

  3. I've learned I'm far more of an introvert than I've allowed myself to be most of my life.

  4. I don't like to drive. I'll walk or ride my bike if I can.

  5. I will stop scrolling if I see a cake-decorating video. Oddly satisfying.

  6. I never knew I'd like writing every day until I started doing it.

  7. Life would be better if I never had to wear shoes.

*Shout out to my daughter for the awesome mug - she gets me!


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