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First Friday Fun Facts

Last month, I started my version of Friday Fun Facts, which was met with positive reviews, so I'll keep it going on the first Friday of each month. Here are a few more tidbits about me.

  1. I'm still drinking tea by the gallons. I had a few inquiries about my faves. I drink primarily plain black tea. Red Rose is a staple (why are the figurines no longer in the box!!), but I like chai in the afternoon and enjoy Stash's Double Spice Chai.

  2. I like animals—a lot. I'd probably have a baby goat or twenty if it were up to me. They'd wear cute little sweaters. I think we can all learn a lot from animals. The picture in this post is of Furbs. I met her last weekend, and she seems to have life figured out.

  3. I didn't like avocados until I was about 40. Now I could live off of guacamole. My husband makes the best! We're never too old to retry things.

  4. I once had a class in college where I was the only student. I was initially terrified and hoped it would get canceled for lack of students. It didn't and was the best (although intense) learning experience. Don't fear hard. The reward is worth it.

Have a great weekend!


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