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Unraveling Ambition

Ambition is so coveted, it’s rarely questioned. We tend to work at warp speeds with busy-ness as our culturally accepted scorecard. We climb mountain after mountain of career milestones and life ‘shoulds’ only to look around and wonder where we were headed in the first place. What if we were to intentionally pause and dive into the inner workings of our inherited drive? Where does our ambition even come from and what’s possible if we were to turn it off auto-pilot? Start with your energy. Monitor it, track it, be still enough to notice it. Allow it to be your compass in gathering some profound clues on what really matters to you and who you are. When you’re ready for the journey of unraveling, meet me here.

Valia's book launches today on Amazon with special Kindle pricing of 99 cents! I read this book from cover to cover, laughing, crying, and feeling like I had been invited into a chat with a dear friend. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who has ever questioned their path and wondered what "more" really means. It's the book I wish I had much earlier in my career (and life!). If you want to hear from someone who speaks from the heart with a vulnerability few of us are courageous enough to use in our heads, let alone on the pages for all to see, read Unraveling Ambition. -Lisa Pickard


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