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Leaders often keep more on their plates because it is easier to do it themselves than to teach others. Sometimes, an effort is made to transition the work, but it fails, and both sides are frustrated. A common reason - the explanation wasn't complete. The leader thought they gave the full A-Z, but the employee received A-C, G, L-Q, S, W, Z. The employee goes off to complete the task, and the leader gets frustrated it is wrong, and teaches it again, but this time shows A-D, H, K, P-R, S-V, X-Z. When we know things well, skipping little steps is easy. It isn't intentional, but it is understandable to see why the process breaks down.

Here are a few steps to ensure a more complete explanation:

  • Write it down ahead of time.

  • Follow your steps as if you were doing it for the first time. What's missing?

  • Ensure steps are in the correct order.

  • Eliminate any confusing wording.

  • Give examples when possible.

  • If practical, walk through each step using the outline during the training and update the document based on feedback.

No one can see inside anyone else's brain. Delegating and transitioning work is a great way to move knowledge when all the pieces move too


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