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Performance reviews: The season of sharing (Part 2: Face the facts)

Part 2: Face the Facts

Honest and fair should be hallmarks of any review, but often it turns into "what have you done for me lately.” It's human nature to remember what recently occurred vs. months or a year ago. Don't wait until the last minute. Get third-party feedback, review correspondence from the prior year, and previous reviews. Turn all the gathered facts into succinct points highlighting what (and how) was done well and clarifying anything needing improvement. Everyone has areas they can grow in.

Here are some ideas to expand a general comment into a better road map for future success:

  • Instead of "Great job on the Munson project."

  • Be more specific:

    • Your effective planning and regular communication with the Munson Group showed off our corporate strengths and led to multiple other opportunities with the client this year.

    • The team appreciated your respect and gratitude ( multiple team members mentioned you thanked them individually ) for the long hours to get the Munson project successfully completed.

  • Instead of "Needs to work better with the team."

  • Be more specific:

    • Your inattention during meetings, lack of patience with colleagues, and refusal to consider other ideas is disrespectful and hurt the team's morale.

    • Taking the clients you want without communication with the team creates duplicate work, ultimately impacting our service standards. From now on, all client assignments will be decided in our team meetings.

If you are ever in doubt about what to say or how to say it - talk to your HR department.


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