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Managing change and your energy

We know that managing our energy is essential. We can't serve others if we are drained ourselves. Change is constant, and we deplete ourselves by ignoring or resisting it. Being able to navigate change successfully is one way to conserve energy.

Fortunately, we can try a few things every day to build adaptability. Start by changing a few things up:

  • Be more curious: Ask someone to tell you more when you hear something you don't know.

  • Ask for help, even if it is something minor. It'll make a harder ask easier the next time.

  • We all have mental chatter. If your self-talk contains negative thoughts, try to think about the opposite of what could happen. When you think about the optimistic instead, you'll shift your mindset.

  • Commute a different way to work, or try something unusual for lunch or dinner.

  • Read and research a new topic.

  • Offer to help someone else.

Adaptability is all about getting out of your comfort zone.


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