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Details and deadlines

Every job comes with some pesky tasks with tedious details and deadlines. There are a couple of approaches to this work:

  1. Ignore it

  2. Let it build up and do it once there is a mountain of it

  3. Do it the instant it arrives

  4. Set time aside at regular intervals

Option 1 is generally not recommended unless you plan on fleeing the country.😉 Option 2 is fun until the time comes to do the work, then UGGHH. Option 3 will likely interrupt more valuable work, leaving option 4. Value yourself enough to plan your time. Most of us don't like the least fun part of work, but it is still an essential part of the job. If you can outsource it, great. If not, schedule time and sit down with minimal distractions to get through it. Create a process to make it as efficient as possible.


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