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Atlas Gray turns 1!

Happy November! Today marks the first anniversary of Atlas Gray. When I think back to last November, my plans, and what has changed, I'm most proud of adapting the company into something truly meaningful to me and the clients I work with. This evolution has brought programs that help leaders and athletes find their best way forward. Forward was a word I chose last November as a reminder to keep moving, even if I was only sometimes sure where I was going. This blog was one of those action items. It has been an inspiration to write and connect with so many people, and while it will continue, it will no longer be daily. Stay tuned for more tips on leadership, mental fitness, mindset, and the occasional Friday Fun! They'll be posted here, on Facebook and LinkedIn as they always have; they will just be a little less frequent. If you have any special post requests, you can always submit them here! Thank you all for a great first year - the first of many to come!


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