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Mental Fitness & Mindset Matters - Athletes



4-6 weeks


About the Course

Sports are as much a mental game as a physical one, yet many of us don't provide the same level of training to our brain as to our body. Mental Fitness and Mindset Matters builds routines to change that. This personalized program is designed to uncover your roadblocks and tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges so you can compete confidently and with focus on and off the playing field.

This individualized program includes four weeks of mental skills and mindset development. Along with the coursework, you'll receive four 60-minute sessions to explore your goals, strengths, values, fears, how you approach mistakes and failure, mindset, and communication. We'll create various ways to train your brain into a better mindset and establish routines that work for you when competing in your chosen sport and throughout the rest of your day.

The program includes a workbook with exercises to complement each session. Additionally, text and, or email support is available between sessions.

Who is this course for?

Athletes of all levels and ages ten and up.

If you want to improve your mental focus or struggle with anxiety, negative thoughts, imposter syndrome, and self-doubt, you are in the right place!

Need help with better habits and routines? This course is for you!

Your Instructor

Lisa Pickard

Lisa Pickard

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have 30 years of experience in the insurance and consulting industry and have enjoyed every role, from the file room to the C-suite. I've worked for industry leaders Gen Re and Arch Capital Group, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer with Arch Reinsurance. This experience has given me a unique perspective with real-world knowledge steeped in leadership, corporate strategy, management training, and employee development. I'm also a lifelong athlete (collegiate diver, road cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast), as well as the parent of an athlete. Sports and leadership are in my blood!

I've taken those skills and developed programs for leaders and athletes to uncover behaviors that prevent us from being our best. I help tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges while increasing adaptability. Mental fitness should be an everyday activity. Let's start today!

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