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3 hours - Instructor Led Course for Groups


Starting at $2500

About the Course

Everyone is talking about it, but what is adaptability, and why does it matter in the workplace?

Adaptability is your ability to adjust to changes in your environment and be open to new ideas and situations. Increasing your adaptability means responding more quickly and staying more flexible and comfortable in a learning and innovative environment.

The upcoming generation of leaders faces unprecedented challenges requiring an emerging skillset that includes resilience and adaptability. Where resilience helps us rebound from changes, adaptability is about being proactive and prepared to stay calm for what’s ahead. To match the pace and volume of the ever-changing world, leaders can learn their Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and make regular changes to improve it while cultivating cultures that, too, can adapt.

In this interactive session, we’ll:

● Take an Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment to measure what’s relevant, how well you forget obsolete knowledge and can adjust in real-time.

Explore adaptability skills and key benefits:

● Manage stress and energy

● Enhance problem-solving skills

● Work outside your comfort zone

● Commit to going with the flow

● Stay positive and real

● Stay curious

Learning Objectives:

● Understand how a growth mindset, communication, and embracing mistakes contribute to cultivating adaptability.

● Deep dive into business cases in which adaptability plays a critical role in the success of the HR leader.

● Recognize how modeling these behaviors creates an environment of individuals who can adapt and how to achieve this.

● Become equipped with tools and takeaways to drive action in their real-world scenarios.

Available virtual or in person.

Customizable for audiences of 10-1,000


Your Instructor

Lisa Pickard

Lisa Pickard

Hi, I'm Lisa. I have 30 years of experience in the insurance and consulting industry and have enjoyed every role, from the file room to the C-suite. I've worked for industry leaders Gen Re and Arch Capital Group, most recently as Chief Strategy Officer with Arch Reinsurance. This experience has given me a unique perspective with real-world knowledge steeped in leadership, corporate strategy, management training, and employee development.

I've taken those skills and developed programs for leaders and athletes to uncover behaviors that prevent us from being our best. I help tackle anxiety, self-doubt, negativity, and mindset challenges while increasing adaptability. Mental fitness should be an everyday activity. Let's start today!

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